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A lack of perspective

Time passes, you gotta rail against it

Jon P
3 December 1985
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That's lame. I can't use "wasting time on the internet" as an interest, because it's too long?

I'm Jon. I'm a recent graduate of Washington University in St Louis, currently living near Baltimore. I write second grade math lessons for a non-profit. Evenings and weekends I tutor at a local SAT prep company. I enjoy talking with friends and chatting on AIM, watching reality TV, listening to pop/rock music (Matchbox 20 rock, not hardcore deafness-causing rock) and pursuing nerdy interests, such as quiz bowl. Also, I love games of any sort: card games, board games, party games. I don't get enough of a chance to play them outside my family, but whenever I can play Settlers of Catan, it's a good day. If you're a college-age female who finds the above highly attractive, either something's wrong with you, or you're the perfect girl for me. Quite possibly both. Either way, let me know.

I'll be honest. This journal has sucked since 2004, give or take. Funny stuff just doesn't happen to me as often, and I'm too apathetic to post the stuff that does. However, from the beginning of the journal through 2004, it's good times, with a weird-ass summer spent at nerd camp, and then the beginning of college, complete with strange roommates, corrupting friends, amusing professors, and of course all kinds of female troubles. I'm going to try to update more regularly, probably resulting in me ranting about the "news" and political bullshit.

I'm on The Facebook. Because who the hell isn't.